Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

Races for the 2019 Club Championship

The races for the 2019 edition of the Club Championship are now available!

We really hope that the competition is another great success, as there is good mix of old favourites together with new races.

Plus for the first time in a long time, there is a marathon added to one of the categories - North Dorset Village Marathon.  This is a popular race with Trotters and it was felt that adding a marathon to the Club Championships would be ideal for those that like doing marathons, alongside attempting the Club Championships.  Or maybe it will encourage someone who has never done a marathon to give one a crack as part of the club competition.  Of course, if you're not interested in marathons, there are still three other races to choose from in that category.

The rules for 2019 are staying the same as for 2018.  In summary:

- there are 5 race categories, with each category containing 4 races (so there are 20 races to choose from throughout the year).

- a runner has to complete at least one race in each category.

- additionally, a runner has to complete at least 8 races.  If a runner completes more than 8 races (and has done at least one race in each category) the best scoring races will count.

The Trotters Race Diary will be updated to show the races that are in the Club Championships and when entry information is available, it will be added there.  

Now is the time to get planning your campaigns for the 2019 Club Champs....good luck, everyone.

Graydon Widdicombe, Club Championship Secretary