Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

12 Trotters teams attend the Erme Valley Relays...

The Erme Valley Relays took place on the evening of Friday 4th July, in heavy rain.   Despite the conditions, Teignbridge Trotters put 12 teams together (the ladies captained by Caroline Clark and the men by Kevin Besford), which was the largest amount of teams from any club.  Individual times are eligible for the Club Championship and the event is a 4x2.5 mile relay and is organised by Erme Valley Harriers.

The Under 18s junior team of Tom Besford, Jamie Barnett, Kieran Crewes and Adam Batt won their group, again showing that the new team is a force to be reckoned with.

The Ladies V35 team of Emma Pearcy, Helen Anthony, Mandy Wheeler and Hannah Jones won their age group as well.

Full women’s team results are below:
Emma Pearcy (19:36), Hannah Jones (18:42), Mandy Wheeler (16:41), Helen Anthony (15:32), for 70:31 and 49th overall (FV35).

Jacki Woon (17:37), Sharon Bowman (19:30), Tamsin Cook (20:30), Sally Ingledew (19:51), for 77:28 and 68th overall (FV45).

Abi Blee (18:22), Emily Levey (20:42), Kirsty Bowman (19:19), Jennie Roberts (19:12), for 77:35 and 70th overall (F).

Hylda Stewart (19:31), Ruth Johnson (20:10), Eleanor Taylor (20:31), Jackie Burns (24:44) for 84:56 and 78th overall (FV45).

Sharon Hutchins (21:56), Ben Dennis (21:21), Cath Pilton (21:14), Lorna Martin (20:54), for 85:25 and 80th overall (FV35).

Full men’s team results were:
Mark Hutchins (15:52), Roger Hayes (14:35), Russ Wheeler (14:48), Daryl Milford (13:33), for 58:48 and 14th overall (MV40).

Jamie Barnett (15:29), Tom Besford (15:28), Adam Batt (15:03), Kieron Crewes (14:22), for 60:22 and 20th overall (MU18).

Gary Smart (14:03), Peter Blakesley (17:39), Pete Haywood (17:38), Lance Mason (14:48), for 64:08 and 28th overall. (MV50).

Craig Churchill (15:38), Ian Langler (15:35), Matt Dunn (16:38), Gary Watson (17:38) for 65:29 and 32nd overall (M).

Nigel Barnett (18:43), Jake Moran (17:19), Gary Clark (16:25), Adrian Handley (16:50) for 69:17 and 42nd overall (M).

Kevin Besford (20:23), Tim Hassel (16:27), Jon Martin (19:37), John Webber (18:52), for 75:29 and 63rd overall (MV40).

Mike Eveleigh (16:46), Tim Hartley (22:26), Pete Kirby (19:05), Keith Anderson (18:19), for 76:36 and 66th overall (MV60).

Report by Graydon Widdicombe