Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

Races a Plenty as Trotters Travel Far & Wide

On Monday 27th Gary Watson was our only representative at Round 2 of the Winter 3k series at Exeter Track. In the C race Watsa put into practice his new technique of running to good effect and finished 11th in a very pleasing 11.40. His technique was soon to let him down however as he took a heavy fall whilst out training with our friends and neighbours Dawlish Coasters. He sustained an injury that originally looked serious but thankfully proved to be nothing other than extremely painful. We look forward to having him back soon.

On Saturday there were club championship points up for grabs at the 10-mile Yarcombe Yomp. Chairman Roger Hayes was on form again and ran strongly to finish 6th in 1.13.56 (1st M45). Mandy Wheeler, who never fails to impress was 2nd lady back and 1st F40, 21st overall in a stylish 1.27.18. Other results were Pete Hayward (26th 1.30.28), Pete Kirby (29th 1.32.39) narrowly besting his younger but ever improving Dave Dunn (32nd 1.32.52). Jacki Woon (35th 1.34.40), Jimmy Donovan (36th 1.34.44), Keith Anderson (50th 1.43.12), Tina Caunter (52nd 1.51.55), Tamsin Cook (54th 1.54.14), Tim Hartley (56th 1.58.33), Richard Keatley (59th 1.59.29), Eleanor Taylor (60th 2.01.10) and Bev Dennis (61st 2.01.57). There were 66 finishers. There was a small field of 26 for the single lap 5-mile option Caroline Hayes was the only Trotter and was 18th in 57.11.

The Yarcombe Yomp is a friendly community race that raises money for the village hall fund. There is always a good atmosphere surrounding the race and this year the fund was boosted by £800.

In Swinley Forest, Bracknell, Rod and Lucy Payne donned moustaches to run The Muddy Mo Run the first of a series of national charity events for Movember. There was some pre-race tension as the runners were asked to be on the lookout for an elderly lady with her dog who had been missing all night. Thankfully all ended well as she was discovered and thought to be none the worse for her experience. She was taken to hospital by ambulance for a routine check-up. Back at the race in a field of 195 including Lucy’s eldest son Paul (not the triathlete but still too good for us - Rodders) they ran together in sometimes knee deep mud that smelt none too pleasant and finished 72nd and 73rd in 60.14.

In Kingston-upon–Thames in Surrey, Mark Wotton lined up for the Thames Meander Marathon, his 6th marathon in 6 weeks. The race starts at the Hawker Centre, formerly where the Harrier Jump Jet was developed but now a community centre and is run on an out and back course along the riverside path between Kingston and Putney. In a field of 323 finishers our Wurzel was 269th in 4.51.41. The race clashed with a rowing event and at Henley and Putney it proved difficult for the runners trying to avoid hundreds of spectators and boats being pulled out of the river.

On Sunday Ryan Anthony, Allen Taylor and Phil Perry travelled to Falmouth to run the low key but tough off road Carrick Cracker. Distances of 13k, 30k, 43k and 50k were on offer. The three opted for the gruelling 50k option and ran as a team to cross the line together in around 7hrs 10 mins. This event is fantastic value for money costing only £5 to enter and offering free coffee and cake at the finish.

There were just two Trotters amongst the 2,004 who completed the Plymouth 10k as once again a big city event fails to catch the imagination of the local running clubs. Mary Goulden making a welcome return to racing in Trotters’ colours was 705th in 54.27 and Jackie Burns was 1,645th in 1.08.54.

Six Trotters also took part in Teignbridge Trotters’ own race The Templer Ten. The race sets out from The Passage House Inn, follows a route along the Templer Way to Stover and back and is run over a mixture of terrains. Ronnie Jones made an impact on his return to racing in a Trotters’ vest, leading back the small contingent of Royal Blues 13th in 1.00.39 and Tracy Elphick had a storming run to finish 2nd Lady and 1st F40, 43rd overall in 1.08.57. Other results were Hannah Walsh (56th 1.11.29), Nigel Barnett (80th 1.15.45), John Webber (103rd 1.22.46) and Cath Pilton (123rd 1.27.07). There were 165 finishers.

Report by Rod Payne

Photos: Top, Trotters at the Yarcombe Yomp; Middle, Tracy Elphick at The Templer Ten and Bottom, Lucy and Rod at The Muddy Mo Run in Bracknell