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Steve Morfey takes on and completes Outlaw...

On Sunday 27th July, Steve Morfey completed the Outlaw event, ran in Nottingham.  Outlaw is an "Iron distance" triathlon, which comprises of a 2.4 mile open water swim, a 112 mile bike ride followed by a marathon run (26.2 mile).

Steve completed last year's Half Outlaw and loved it so decided to have a crack at the full this year.

It's a very well organised event with so many feed stations and supporters and this year it was a ran on a very warm day.  The heat only really got to him on the run at around mile 10 but he managed to cool down in the shade by pouring lots of water over himself.  He walked for around 2 miles then pulled it together to run the last 14 miles really strong with 4 out of the last 6 miles at sub- 10min/mile pace.

The event was sold out with 1450 entries and the swim was a mass start at 6am.  It was a simple out and back route of the man made boating lake, which made it easy to navigate but it was full of weeds, which wasn't great.

The bike ride was pretty flat compared to the hills of Devon!  There was only one short hill around mile 50 and Steve managed an average speed of 17.4 miles per hour over the 112 miles.

The run was 4 loops of the boating lake and 2 out and back loops to Trent Bridge and along the river.  It was completely flat which made it easier on the legs and this very well organised event had 18 feed stations on the run.

Steve commented that it was definitely the hardest thing he's ever done and is having a well earned break for a few weeks.

Steve's times were:

- 2.4 mile Swim = 1:13
- 112 mile Bike = 6:30
- 26.2 mile run = 5:16

Overall = 13:16:09

Huge congratulations to Steve on his amazing achievement!

Report by Graydon Widdicombe