Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

The Last 10km in 2013 and the first 10km in 2014...another year of Trotter Racing!

The last local 10km of the year for the Teignbridge trotters to participate in was the “Stoke Stampede” in a small village called Stoke St Gregory near Taunton, Somerset. On Sunday 29th December the weather was fine with a slight breeze on the undulating course.322 runners completed the post festive race.

Helen Anthony brought them home in 41.37(48th) and Craig Churchill just behind 42.38(53rd).Graydon Widdicombe completed in 44.01(60th), Keith Anderson 47.48(118th),Emma Pearcy 50.11 PB (155TH), Sharon Bowman 51.32(174th), Karina Zaple 51.51(177th) and Kirsty Bowman 56.27 (234th)

The first local 10km of the year on Sunday 5th January2014 was held in Exeter at Havens Banks and Exeter Canal although it looked like being cancelled due to flooding problems .South West Road runners who organise the race had to change the course for “The First Chance 10km” to start an hour later due to high tides and flooding on the course but all the runners were kept safe although it wasn’t an accurate 10km.465 runners completed the race and all received a bath towel which seemed quite appropriate as the latter part of the race the heavens decided to open!

Daryl “Tarquin” Milford brought the trotters home in 35.02(12th) with a new name to the racing scene of Kieran Crewes who was second in the under 20s with 37.44(40th) and Helen Anthony brought the trottettes home in 40.08(72nd) and 3rd vet 35 lady. Craig Churchill chased her but had to settle with 41.23(88th) while Tom Besford fought to catch Craig in 41.34(91st) while Bruce Campbell did 41.39(96th) being chased by Jamie Barnett another new name to the trotter team in 41.58(98th).

Other trotters did the following times –Rob Cowling 42.44(109th),Graydon Widdicombe 42.49(115th),Gary Watson 44.05(134th) 1st vet 55,Jacki Woon 44.16 (139th) 3rd vet 50,Stephen Morfey 45.17 (150th), Keith Anderson 45.27(155th),Pete Hayward 45.47(159th),Kevin Besford 46.50(172nd),Abi Blee 47.20(178th),Sharon Bowman 48.44(209th),Derek Blackford 48.59 (219th),Ruth Johnson 49.20(226th),Nigel Barnett 49.52 (232nd),Rod Payne 50.04 (236th),Kirsty Bowman 51.06 (255th),Donna Walker 51.21 (256th),Cath Pilton 52.59(283rd) ,Bev Dennis 53.43(307th),Lucy Payne 54.50(325th) and Nicky Cowling 57.13 (360th)

Lance Mason and Sally Ingledew went to Milton Keynes to run the “Winter Enigma double marathon”. The course should have been around the Caldecott Lake in Milton Keynes but due to severe flooding around the course the event had to be moved at very short notice to Furzton lake which meant competitors had to do 17 laps instead of the 7 at the other lake. The weather was horrendous on the Saturday but Lance completed in 3.10.36 and was 4th out of 56 runners and Sally did 4.24.40 and 32nd while on the Sunday in icy conditions to start with Lance did 3.28.38 and 3rd out of 51 runners and Sally was 27th in 4.36.23.


REPORT BY  Sharon "Fizz" Bowman


PHOTOS-TOP-A nice warm cuppa after the Stampede  MIDDLE -Gary Watson in action  BOTTOM- Donna in the sea...its not a puddle !