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Torbay Half Marathon, plus results of the Lads Weekend Away...

Torbay Half Marathon took place on Sunday 29th June, and was again part of the Club Championship.  In warm conditions, 32 Trotters completed the event and many Trotters had good performances, including Pete Blakesley, Abi Blee, Rachel Pallant, Paul Dainton and Mel Dunn who managed PBs.

Helen Anthony went under 1:30 for the third time this year, just a week after competing in the 67-mile Dartmoor Classic cycle challenge and was 2nd in her age category (F35). Jacki Woon was 1st in her age category (F50) and Pete Kirby was third in his (M65).  Also Mel Dunn was third in her age category.

Following the recent DD and last week’s Dartmoor Classic cycle challenge, Sharon Bowman and Neil Pallant both put in good times at this event on what must have been tired legs.  

I haven’t spoken about myself in these reports so this is all a bit embarrassing, but I put a time in that I was pleased with following an injury that has kept me out of racing since March.

Full results are below, which show gun times.  Due to a technical issue, unfortunately chip times aren't available from the race organisers.

Chris Broadbent (01:27:31), Helen Anthony (01:29:42), Michael Mooney (01:31:22), Ian Langer (01:34:14), Craig Churchill (01:34:58), Melanie Dunn (01:35:17), Mandy Wheeler (01:36:43), Derek Skinner (01:39:18), Peter Blakesley (01:40:31), Jacki Woon (01:40:50), Rob Cowling (01:41:36), Abi Blee (1:43:58), Peter Kirby (01:45:48), James Ayling (01:47:02), Mark Hamling (01:48:14), Michael Jones (01:48:51), Neil Pallant (01:49:29), Emma Pearcy (01:56:35), Jennie Roberts (01:57:17), Paul Dainton (01:57:45), Eleanor Taylor (01:59:07), Graydon Widdicombe (01:59:32), Jon Martin (01:59:46), Kevin Besford (02:00:17), Lorna Martin (02:03:30), Sharon Bowman (02:04:26), Victoria Tymoczko (02:06:13), Tina Caunter (02:07:18), Angela Blakesley (02:15:14), Rachel Pallant (02:15:16), Nikki Keightley (02:26:43), Jess Whitehouse (02:34:30) and Heather James (02:47:15).

The runners also had a top British athlete in their midst as Steve Way (who was recently third Brit at London Marathon, broke the 100K British Record and is scheduled to represent England in the marathon at the Commonwealth Games) was running in this event.   Steve managed third place (67:49) and he was using the event as key preparation for Glasgow, which is fast approaching.

Amazingly, from Steve’s blog, he did Torbay Half as part of a 20:22 mile run on Sunday morning, followed by a 6 mile run in the afternoon.  This was part of a 132-mile week where he averaged 6:02min/mile!!!



As part of the annual Trotters “Lads Weekend Away” several Trotters ran in an awesome race called the Callow 5 Fell Race on Sunday 29th June.  Ran in perfect running weather there were 4 major hills (up and down), and it turned into a race that was not for the faint hearted. The event takes place in Little Stretton, Shropshire and the Trotters go there every 4 years to coincide with the World Cup.

Results are:
Daryl "Tarquin" Milford (20, 75-10), Geoff Davey (21, 75-16), Chris "Psycho" Cleave (26, 78-25), Roger “The Chairman” Hayes (41, 82-27), Roger Hales (48, 87-46), Bruce Campbell (49, 88-10), John Tweedie (53, 89-16), Wavell Vigers (59, 95-56), Travis Wood (61, 99-42), Paul Reynolds (63, 103-16), Stephen Barker (64, 103-31), Nathan Elphick (65, 105-02), Pete Haywood (66, 105-11), Peter Aston (67, 108-30), Mark Wotton (68, 109-42), Gary Caunter (69, 112-23), Chris Wride (70, 112-43), Andrew Ludlum (73, 128-03), Ryan Anthony (74, 128-21), Gary Watson (75, 134-50), Nigel Barrett (76, 137-53) and John Webber (77, 39-51).

As part of the same weekend, the Trotters also did the Bishops Castle Tandem Triathlon the day before, which is the only event of its kind in the world! The event is a 1K swim (one team member) followed by a 35K tandem ride (both team members) and a 10K run (the other team member). It was a great event over an undulating bike ride course and a hilly run.

Adam Caunter and Geoff Davey (3rd, 02:14:15), Pete Hayward and Daryl Milford (8th, 02:22:00), Travis Wood and Roger Hales (29th, 02:53:59), Ryan Anthony and Steve Barker (35th, 02:59:52), Pete Aston and Chris Cleave (36th, 03:01:45), John Webber and Gary Caunter (38th, 3:04:30), Roger Hayes and Gary Watson (51st, 03:18:48), Nigel Barnett and Mark Wotton (53rd, 03:21:09), John Tweedie and Andrew Ludlum (55th, 03:22:34), Wavell Vigers and Nathan Elphick (58th, 03:29:28) and Bruce Campbell and Chris Wride (60th, 03:31:34).


Top: Trotters before the start of the Torbay Half

Middle:  Pete, Angela, Rachel and Neil after the race.

Bottom:  The away trip with the Lady Mayor of Bishops Castle!

Report by Graydon Widdicombe