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Trotters attend another popular WSR event, whilst some take in the sights of Edinburgh

casterbridge 2018.jpeg Trotters at Casterbridge Half 2018

On Sunday 27th May, eight Trotters travelled to Dorchester to compete in either the Casterbridge Half Marathon or the Dorchester Marathon - both organised by White Star Running events but this time with a twist - both are road races and both are accurately measured! Both events were very well organised as usual and was run on closed roads through parts of historic Dorchester, its picturesque villages and the beautiful Dorset countryside. The day started of soggy, before the sun appeared during the race briefing. The sun decided to hang about for the rest of the day - resulting in very hot running conditions. Luckily for some of the runners, the wonderful locals kindly put up makeshift showers for the runners to run through, handed out fruit and sweets along with lots of encouragement.

The heat was so intense that it totally zapped Louise, resulting in her having to take some time at mile 8, before taking on the last 5 miles of ups and downs - yet completing the half marathon in tough conditions.

Neil Pallant ran the half marathon as final preparations for the Dartmoor Discovery on Saturday 2nd June, whilst Colin Harper ran the full marathon in prep for his ultra marathon in July. The Dorchester Marathon was Suzie's fifth marathon in as many months - a clear fan of White Star Running events, she has several more WSR races lined up for the rest of the year on her quest to complete 12 marathons in 12 months!

Full results -
Casterbridge Half - Peter Blakesley (1:51:52, 134th), Gavin Forbes (1:57:26, 188th), Kevin Sampson (1:57:26, 189th*), Neil Pallant (2:00:38, 220th), Emma Ray (2:13:38, 417th) & Louise Stokes (3:04:57, 930th) *Kev not on official results at time of report
Dorchester Marathon - Colin Harper (4:11:50, 155th) & Suzie Mills (6:25:44, 575th)


Travelling a bit further North, four trotters completed the 2018 Edinburgh Marathon.
This year saw a new route - starting at the University, the first five miles took runners past some well known city centre landmarks before taking them out along the East Lothian coast before turning around at mile 17 and heading to the finish line in Mussleburgh. Unlike those in Dorset, the runners were grateful for a ideal marathon conditions - a cool and misty day, although the strong head on breeze for the first 17 miles wasn't fantastic. Scot Wiggins was the first trotter home, completing his first marathon in 3:29:36. Both Kate & Andy left with PBs; Andy Distin, who knocked off 18 minutes at this very event in 2017, managed another personal best this year - shaving off 18 seconds to finish in 5:12:45.

Full results - 

Scot Wiggins (3:29:36, 1026th), Peter Kirby (4:09:14, 3429th), Kate Williamson (4:19:23, 4093rd) & Andy Distin (5:12:45, 6595th)


Good luck to all those taking part in this year's Dartmoor Discovery on Saturday 2nd June - not to mention all the people organising the popular event and especially all the marshals who will undoubtedly be providing lots of positive cheers!!

andy distin edinburgh 2018.jpg Andy Distin Edinburgh 2018
kate williamson edinburgh 2018.jpg Kate Williamson Edinburgh 2018
pete kirby edinburgh 2018.jpg Pete Kirby Edinburgh 2018
suzie mills dorcester 2018.jpg Suzie Mills Dorchester Marathon (5/12)