Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

Club Championship points on offer at Velopark Relays & Lustleigh 10k

On Friday 23rd August, the Torbay Velopark Relays took place. A lovely warm sunny evening made for a great evening for the runners and spectators alike.

Each team was age graded and included four runners per team, each running a 3 km leg.

The Trotters were well represented with a total of 9 teams entered across all age categories. Thanks must go to team captains, Lucy Evans & Lance Mason for all their efforts in putting the teams together.

webp.net-resizeimage.jpg Teignbridge Trotters gather before start of Velopark Relays

The outright winners were Torbay Tri (A) team with a combined time of 00:38:45.

Each and every member of each Trotters team gave their all, and the support they received on the side lines from the all the other members (runners & non-runners) was fantastic.

The leading Teignbridge Trotter team was the MV40 team comprising of Ian Langler (9:59), Jason Trevenen (11:08), Duncan Knight (11:00), & Christian Robinson (10:44). The combined time of 00:42:51 was fast enough to win the age category award.

The MV50 Trotters team of Gary Smart (9:40), James Saunders (10:29), Lance Mason (10:44), & Roger Hales (12:06) finished in 9th place with a combined time of 00:42:59, which also gained the team the age category prize.

The Clubs first female team home was the FV40 team of Mandy Wheeler (11:15), Wendy Goldthorp (13:25), Kim Knight (12:04), & Louise Gentry (11:00). The combined time of 00:47:47 put them in 22nd place overall. Congratulations goes to them as this performance won them the age category prize to.

Not to be out done, the FV60 team of Lucy Payne (14:44), Teresa Holmes (17:03), Eleanor Taylor (14:45) & Ella Bowles (14:00) also won the age category award in a combined time of 1:00:32.

The Clubs other teams positions were: 13th –Senior Males (00:45:53), 16th – Trotters ‘B’ MV50 (00:46:14), 29th – Trotters ‘B’ MV40 (00:49:14), 41st – Trotters FV50 (00:53:36), 43rd – Trotters MV60 (00:53:45), 44th – Trotters Senior Females (00:53:50), 55th - Trotters C (00:58:42).

There were 63 teams in total, on a great evening. Thanks must go to Torbay AC for the well organised and very enjoyable event.

wendy goldthorp relays.jpg Wendy Goldthorp powers on
duncan knight relays.jpg Duncan Knight strides out in determined fashion
caroline clark relays.jpg Caroline Clark wizzing along!
graydon relays.jpg Graydon Widdicombe prior to a busy weekend of Marathon running

On Bank holiday Monday a large contingent of Trotters turned out for a Club Championship race at Lustleigh. The 10 k race was a tough, demanding course for all the runners. The weather conditions were very hot, and a midday start means the hottest part of the day!!

The event was organised superbly and the marshals were very supportive all around the course. The course takes you over hilly lanes, down muddy tracks, through beautiful woodland, along the river Bovey before spitting you out into the village of Lustleigh and back to the show field to be cheered to the finish line by a horde of supporters. 

The winner of the event was James Stamp, winning in a great time of 00:39:47.

Best placed Trotter was Ewan Walton finishing in 15th place in a time of 00:46:47. Ewan’s performance gave him 3rd place in the MV40-49 age category.

First lady Trotter home was Mandy Wheeler, finishing in 20th overall in a time of 00:48:42. Mandy’s performance meant that she was the 3rd female home and also won the FV45-54 age category award. Mandy was also part of the winning trio to win the ladies team prize. Sharon Sharples and her daughter Kirsty Bowman were also part of the victorious team.

Alan Kember ran superbly well to finish in 29th position in a time of 00:50:23. Alan was 2nd in the MV60+ age category.

The other Trotter positions and times were:

Christian Robinson (33, 00:51:48), Andrew Fox (39, 00:52:45), Neil Rutley (44, 00:53:55), Gavin Parrott (51, 00:55:28), Derek Skinner (58, 00:57:06), Paul Sharples (62, 00:57:06), Kirsty Bowman (69, 00:57:33), Scott Knight (70, 00:57:43), Sharon Sharples (86, 1:01:24), Sue Tremlett (96, 1:03:35), Rex Barnes (100, 1:04:21), David Taylor (101, 1:04:32), Lucy Payne (102, 1:04:58), Richard Keatley (114, 1:06:37), Eamon Crowe (115, 1:06:37), Mark Wotton (116, 1:06:41), Stuart Moulson (118, 1:06:55), Eleanor Taylor (139, 1:13:28), Tamsin Cook (141, 1:14:04), Susanne Westgate (143, 1:14:05), Phillip Norden (146,1:15:15). There were 165 finishers.

webp.net-resizeimage (1).jpg Our ladies on the podium at Lustleigh
eleanor taylor lust.jpg Eleanor Taylor at Lustleigh on Bank Holiday
andrew fox lust.jpg Foxey blazes the trail
zilpath lust.jpg Tamsin Cook looking strong
derek skinnner lust.jpg Derek Skinner looking cool in his shades

On Saturday 24th August, Puretrail staged The Crossing and Great Escape races.

Ruth Johnson and Mark Wotton took part in this year’s Great Escape half-marathon, although the overall distance was 15.5 miles!

Starting from Princetown in the heart of the Moor, the route took the 145 runners across the last 15.5 miles of The Crossing, with big, wide open spaces. Many have tried escaping the Prison at Princetown, and because of its remoteness, have been recaptured. The course was fully marked and marshalled course, with 2 Aid Stations/Water stops with food and refreshments. The route crosses the head of the Erme Valley and traverses the Erme canyons, with some interesting moorland vistas along the Abbots Way before the long descent into South Brent. A real taste of Dartmoor trail running. Weather conditions were very warm as the convicts plotted their escape.

Mark completed the course in a great time of 3:02:21 to finish in 64th position, with Ruth not far behind in 3:07:26 to give her 75th place. They both easily beat the cut off time of 4.5 hours.

David Knight of Mudcrew Runners took first place in 1:57:46.

Five Trotters took part in The Crossing, originally 34 miles, but now extended to 36.5 miles. This was Puretrails first baby Ultra, when they first formed. The start was at Belstone, North Dartmoor and the finish was at Ivybridge Rugby Club. The route took the runners up onto the wilderness of the High Moor, passing through Belstone, Postbridge, Princetown & Ivybridge.The route included 1,119 metres of ascent and 1,516 metres of descent.

Roger Hales fresh from his relay efforts, was the first Trotter home, finishing in a fine 28th position, in a time of 7:29:44. The cut off time was 10.5 hours.

Rachel & Matthew Steele ran together to finish in 33rd & 34th places respectively. Rachel pipped Matthew by 1 second, clocking a time of 7:34:08.

Max Conroy & Lucy Evans ran gallant races. Max finished in 67th position in a time of 8:43:55, & Lucy completed the very tough test in 9:15:16 to place her in 80th spot. There were 91 finishers.

The race winner was Alastair Graves winning in a great time 4:50:39.

trotters at the crossing.jpeg Trotters before embarking on The Crossing
rachel and matthew at the crossing.jpeg Rachel and Matthew Steele at The Crossing
ruth and mark make their escape.jpg Ruth and Mark make their escape with some other convicts

Suzie Mills took part in the 401 Festival of Running at Portishead over Saturday and Sunday. The Challenge is to take part in four races, two per day, totalling a marathon distance. On the Saturday the 5K and the Half Marathon was run, followed by the 10K and 6.1K on the Sunday.

Suzie completed the Challenge very successfully. Suzie’s times were:

5K: 00:34:10

Half Marathon: 2:57:07

10K: 1:22:04

6.1K: 00:42:03

Well done Suzie, especially in such warm conditions.

suzie with her medal at 401 festival of running.jpg Suzie holds aloft her 401 Festival of Running medal
el.jpg Jimmy Donovan, Eleanor Taylor and Ella Bowles at The Great Links Tor Flyer

Three Trotters took part in the Great Links Tor Flyer senior race on Wednesday 21st August. This evening run was the 3rd of 3 Wednesday evening events organised by Tavistock AC and Tamar Trail Runners. The Start and Finish were in the car park of the Fox and hounds near Lydford on the west of the moor.

The senior race was a little over 6 miles and had approx. 340 metres elevation. The route took runners up to Great Nodden, followed by a short downhill, before a long ascent on a stony path and the disused Rattlebrook Peat Railway to the top of Great Links Tor. The Flyer gets its name from the descent from Great Links to the Finish via the slight uphill at Brat Tor. The first part of this steep descent is rocky, so needs some careful running. The second part is easy downhill running. From the bottom, it’s a stream crossing followed by half a mile running by a stream, then a gentle up and down to the finish line. It was a beautiful clear and warm evening. From the car park and along the route, there were many spectacular views of the North moor.

Tavistock AC’s Adam Holland was first home of the 73 runners, in 40:53. Jim Donovan and Ella Bowles both completed all 3 races in the series. Jim was 1st Trotter in all 3, completing this race in a time of 00:59:20. Ella was 1st W60 in the Flyer in 1:03:19 and Eleanor Taylor finished in a time of 1:13:41.

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th August was the summer edition of the Plym Trail Marathon weekend and the Race Organiser, Davey Green, has become 100 Marathon Club Chairman following a recent election, and this was the first of his events since that announcement.

As usual, the events are low key and very friendly affairs, and it is an opportunity for runners to test themselves at either a Half or Full distance on one, or both, days. The events start in Clearbroook on the edge of Dartmoor, and after a short out-and-back section, the route takes the runners along Cycle Route 27 to Coypool in Plymouth, before turning around and going back up the cycle path to Clearbrook.It’s one out-and-back for the Half or two out-and-backs for the Full Marathon, and the route is on an old railway line in a very picturesque setting.

Saturday started warm, and got warmer, so therefore a few of the runners just took it steady, in light of the fact that a lot of the field were hoping to do Day 2 as well. Conditions did get the better of one runner, as an ambulance was called and he spent the night in hospital, but fortunately he made a full recovery.

Sunday started a bit cooler but did warm up throughout the event, making the conditions tough for the runners. The weekend was a really special one for one Storm runner, Neil Williams, who did his 199th and 200th marathons at the events, and the Plymouth-based club came out in force to cheer him over the finish line on Day 2.

Day 1: Trotters were Graydon Widdicombe 7th in a time of 4:28:44, and Richard Keatley finished 28th in a time of 5:30:18. This was Richards 120th Marathon! There were 36 finishers.

Day 2 Trotters were Kris Ward 2nd in 3:20:43, Graydon Widdicombe 9th in 4:08:21 and Chris McIntosh 16th in 4:28:20.There were 39 entrants.

richard keatley plym trail.jpg Richard Keatley on his way to his 120th Marathon at The Plym Trail