Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

Deborah Hart wins John Scott Trophy and ladies dominate at Bicton Blister

On Saturday 23rd November, The John Scott Trophy took place.

John Scott is the first life member of the club, and the event is named after him. John had various roles within the club, including Club Secretary from 1984-1994, Chairman from 1994-1995 and President from 1997-1998. John emigrated to Spain with his wife many years ago, but before he left he gave us the trophy, and as a club we came up with the idea of a handicap race.

This Championship event is unlike no other! Competitors are asked to submit their current best 5k or 10k times to Graydon Widdicombe, the Club Championship secretary. He has the unenviable task of working out the start times according to each runner’s abilities, with the aim being that all the runners will finish in a clump at the finish line.

The 4-mile out-and-back course took the runners from near the start near the Sandygate Inn in Kingsteignton, before an undulating uphill climb towards Gappah, before turning around and heading back down towards the finish. It’s a great course as the out-and-back nature of it means that the runners are always in sight of each other, leading to lots of encouragement along the way. It is always a very sociable event, with some friendly competition between club mates thrown in for good measure. Entry into the event is a festively-wrapped gift of £5.

deborah hart winner of the john scott trophy.jpg Deborah Hart about to take victory in John Scott Trophy
sara keatley on her way to 2nd place at the john scott.jpg Sara Keatley on her way to second place
kay shilabeer takes 3rd at john scott.jpg Kay Shilabeer strides out on her way to third place

Deborah Hart lifted the coveted trophy, having completed the time trial in 00:35:08. Taking into account the handicap time, Deborah’s winning time was 00:42:38.

Chasing Deborah home was Sara Keatley, who finished just 00:00:21 behind in a very close finish. Sara’s completed the test in 00:36:59 (00:42:59)..

To complete the podium was Kay Shilabeer. Kay finished 00:00:44 behind the leader and 00:00:23 behind Sara. Kay's on the road time was 00:38:22 (00:43:22).

The other handicap positions and actual race finish times were: Teresa Holmes (4, 00:42:35), Kirsty Bowman (5, 00: 31:20), Gary Brooking (6, 00: 30:09), Jim Donovan (7, 00:30:34), Ali Clayton (8, 00:37:01), Sharon Sharples (9, 00:33:25), Paul Sharples (10, 00:31:52), Wilf Taylor (11, 00:35:30), Ian Langler (12, 00:24:55), Roger Easterbrook (13, 00:23:51), Ella Bowles (14, 00:34:15), Max Conroy (15, 00:30:22), Sarah Hearne (16, 00:31:53), Claire Ayling (17, 00:34:20), Kate Lenthall (18, 00:31:56), Caroline Clarke (19, 00:33:10), Chris Broadbent (20, 00:25:58), Sam Crowe (21, 00:26:10), Lucy Evans (22, 00:35:42), Kathryn Steemson (23, 00:30:32), EleanorTaylor (24, 00:36:12), Suzie Mills (25, 00:40:55), Mandy Wheeler (26, 00:27:35), Derek Skinner (27, 00:28:25), John Skinner (28, 00:35:56), Stuart Moulson (29, 00:37:13), Tina Caunter (30, 00:39:45), Alex Lyons (31, 00:33:12), Ed Hounsell (32, 00:36:45), Scott Knight (33, 00: 32:47), Alan Kember (34, 00:29:10), Nigel Barnett (35, 00:30:12), Graydon Widdicombe (36, 00:29:21), Eamon Crowe (37, 00:36:08), Kat Ashburn-Scott (38, 00:33:45), Susanne Westgate (39, 38:33).

Once the last runner has crossed the line, most of the competitors, marshals and time keepers made their way back to the Rec in Newton Abbot for a pre ordered roast!! Thanks must go to Ruth Johnson for all her behind scenes work in making sure we all got fed! Deborah not only was presented with The John Scott Trophy, but also had first pick of the 39 gifts laid out before her!!

teignbridge trotters line up at bicton.jpg Teignbridge line up before the start of the Bicton Blister & Lite

On Sunday 24th November, The Bicton Blister & Blister Lite was organised by the Exmouth Harriers. This race was the final Club Championship race of the season, so therefore a strong contingent of Trotters took part. The race distances were 4.5 miles for the Blister Lite and 10 miles for the Bicton Blister.

The start and finish of the races were within the grounds of Bicton College, East Budleigh in Devon. The multi -terrain races took the runners across open fields, along rough forest trails, through a couple of stream crossings, and several inclines. In fact there was over 1100 feet of elevation!! The weather conditions were dry and mild for the start and the underfoot conditions were as expected for this time of the year with plenty of muddy puddles and very boggy stretches to negotiate.

Mark Wotton took part in the Blister Lite, and finished well up the finishing order. Mark recorded a time of 00:50:24 to finish in 35th position. There were 142 finishers.

Roger Easterbrook ran superbly in the 10 mile event, finishing in 13th place to lead our Teignbridge Trotters home. Rogers’s time was 1:09:33.

This race was all about the successes of our female club runners. They swept all before them in true girl power style.

Louise Gentry took all the plaudits though, by winning the female competition. Louise clocked a great time of 1:16:34 to finish 39th place. Louise also won her FV40 age category award.

There were other age category prize winners for Mandy Wheeler (1st FV45), Jacki Woon (1st FV55) and Lucy Payne (1st FV65+).

Susanna Goffe also ran superbly, to finish 5th female and won the senior lady category.

In the team competitions, our senior ladies team took 1st prize and the clubs vets team took 2nd place

Not to be out done, the men’s vet team took 2nd place.

louise gentry 1st female finisher at bicton blister.jpg Louise Gentry with the 1st female & FV40 awards
mandy wheeler 1st in fv45 age category at bicton.jpg Mandy Wheeler 1st FV45
jacki woon 1st in fv55 age category at bicton blister.jpg Jacki Woon 1st FV55
lucy payne all smiles at bicton.jpg Lucy Payne 1st FV65+

The other positions and times were: Ian Langler (35, 1:15:24), Duncan Knight (43, 1:17:01), Sam Crowe (46, 1:17:45), Susanna Goffe (54, 1:18:52), Mandy Wheeler (61, 1:20:34), Jason Trevenen (85, 1:24:40), Max Conroy (103, 1:26:35), Peter Hayward (104, 1:26:39), Jacki Woon (114,1:28:06), Bon Rymel (115, 1:28:18), Gavin Parrott (119, 1:29:07), Neil Rutley (121, 1:29:16), Joanna Randall (124, 1:29:32), Jim Donovan (134, 1:30:34), Paul Dean (139,1:30:58), Alex Lyons (146, 1:32:05), Gary Brooking (147, 1:32:06), Kim Knight (148, 1:32:14), Nigel Barnett (152, 1:32:40), Sarah Pike (155,1:32:58), Paul Sharples (172, 1:36:33), Kathryn Steemson (184, 1:38:24), Ruth Johnson (195,1:40:11), Philip Norden (209, 1:42:05), Sharon Sharples (224, 1:43:31), Kate Williamson (230, 1:43:42), Corinne Bright (234,1:44:11), Eamon Crowe (267,1:49:59), Scott Knight (269,1:50:17), Lucy Payne (282,1:51:28), Alexis Marsh (289,1:53:33), Sara Keatley (302,1:55:24), Lucy Evans (303,1:56:02), Suzie Mills (339,2:03:35).

There were 397 very tired finishers!!

The race was won by Ben Renshaw, representing Bridport Runners. The winning time was 1:02:42.