Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

A fast 10K in Exeter, two Club Champ races and Richard does a double

Four trotters ran the popular Exeter 10k on 19th July.  This is the summer version of the First Chance and on a breezy, drizzly evening the results were Peter Heckles (28th, 38.19), Sam Riches (51st, 41.24), Lucy Evans (162th, 50.15, PB) and Graeme Baker (220th, 53.50, first over 75). There were 378 finishers.


There were two Club Championship races that were held over the weekend.  First up, on the evening of Friday 21st July, several Trotters travelled to Kingsbridge to take part in the 10K held as part of the town’s Fair Week.  The tough is help on country lanes and many Trotters commented that the hills nearly finished them off.  Never-the-less that were some good results from Trotters, and results were: Roger Easterbrook (2, 39:04, second male), Garry Smart (5, 39:57, first male vet), Sam Crowe (17, 44:23), Derek Skinner (26, 47:07), Paul Sharples (30, 47:54), Neil Rutley (40, 49:54), Gary Watson (41, 49:59), Hannah Jones (45, 50:19), Kathyrn Steemson (48, 50:42), Jim Donovan (60, 52:38), Eamon Crowe (77, 57:07), Ruth Johnson (78, 57:18), Scott Stephens (89, 59:23) and Sharon Bowman (94, 60:17).  There were 115 finishers.


sam riches at exeter.jpg Sim Riches at Exeter 10K

On the evening of Saturday 22nd July, the Cornwood 10K challenge took place, near Ivybridge. The event was mostly on road with added farm track and a green lane, and included some long drags uphill. On the evening of the event, the temperature was good for running, and the runners welcomed a shower of rain, plus the long downhill finish back to the village. Trotter results were: Roger Easterbrook (8, 38:54), Garry Smart (9, 39:26), Lance Mason (54, 49:15), Gary Watson (55, 49:17), Jo Randall (60, 49:53), Jim Donovan (76, 51:45), Sally Ingledew (93, 54:12), Ruth Johnson (102, 55:42), Scott Stephens (116, 57:41), Stuart Moulson (117, 57:48), Mark Wotton (124, 58:34), Emma Donovan (128, 59:10), Eleanor Taylor (136, 59:48) and Suzie Mills (177, 1:08:16). There were 203 finishers.


cornwood.jpg Trotters at Cornwood Challenge

Richard Keatley did a double marathon weekend for his 63rd & 64th marathons.  The Beatrix Potter events were in Northampton and each day consisted of an 8 lap up-and-down route along a picturesque reservoir. It was hot and humid on Saturday 22nd Richard’s time was 5:13.  The start of Sundays’ race was wet at the start, but brighter conditions then a refreshing shower came down for a bit.  Sunday's time was 5:22.


Thanks for the contributions from Graeme, Sally and Richard

richard.jpg Richard with his medals from his two marathons