Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

Trotters stage a hugely successful Haytor Heller and turn out in force at Chudleigh Carnival road race

The Haytor Heller was staged for the 33rd time at a new time of 5:30pm on Saturday 21st July. The weather conditions for the 229 competitors were favourable, with overcast conditions overhead. The race was an off road event across rugged moorland, with steep ascents and descents around the approximate 6 mile course.

Race Director Nigel Barnett, staged a hugely successful event, with lots of positive feedback from many of the competitors. Many thanks to Chief Marshal Graydon Widdicombe and all his fellow marshals for the all their encouragement to each runner. Also every trotter involved with the course set up, catering and the results processing deserve a big thank
you. A great team effort.
Results: 1st - Ceri Reece 41:07, 2nd - Adam Holland 41:54. 1st female -Mary Menon 47:22.

Trotter’s finishing positions & times - 9th Tim Pratt 45:08, 49th Duncan Knight 56:03, 55th Susanna Goffe 57:11, 65th Tom Besford 59:10, 82nd Craig Churchill 1:01:31, 97th Kim Knight 1:03:55, 106th Wendy Goldthorp 1:04:53, 109th Neil Skinner 1:05:36, 149th Max Conroy 1:10:46. The ladies team finished in 4th position & the men’s team finished a
respectable 5th.

Another superbly run event from our great club.

tim pratt 1st trotter home.jpg Tim Pratt at the Heller
susanna at heller.jpg Susanna Goffe at Heller

On Friday July 20th the Chudleigh Carnival Bishop Lacy road race took place. A 5.6 mile challenging course confronted the 187 competitors.

Conditions were warm & humid for the runners as they set off. The atmosphere in and around the streets of the village were friendly and supportive. The marshals also encouraged each runner especially on the steep ascents. The trotters were out in force with a total of 41 entrants for what was a club championship race.

Race winner - Adam Holland 29:56, 2nd David Hampton 31:44. 1st female - Elizabeth Dyson 36:56
First trotter home was Jamie Barnett 32:05 in 4th position. Other results: 9th Gary Smart 34:05 (2nd Vet 50-54), 17th Ewan Walton 36:13, 19th Sam Crowe 36:31 ( 1st Chudleigh resident male), 23rd Kris Ward 37:28, 26th Christian Robinson 38:05, 32nd Garrie Edwards 39:29, 33rd Mandy Wheeler 39:32 ( 1st Vet ladies 45-49), & also 2nd Female finisher, 34th Duncan Knight 39:41, 35th Andy Fox 39:50, 36th Derek Skinner 39:56 ( 2nd Vet 55-59), 44th Paul Sharples 41:26 ( 1st Vet 60-64), 48th James Saunders 41:53, 51st Sarah Pike 42:24 (1st Vet 40-44), 54th Kathryn Stevenson 42:40 ( 2nd Vet 45-49), 56th Jackie Woon 42:42 ( 1st Vet 55-59), 59th Rebecca Harvey 42:53, 64th Nigel Barnett 43:55, 66th Ian Porter 44:12, 68th Neil Rutley 44:12, 70th Jim Donovan 44:20, 81st Paul Johns 46:19, 85th Alec Kimble 47:00, 92nd Lee Moore 47:59, 95th Dermot Smith 48:16, 96th Lucy Evans 48:20 (smashed her PB by nearly 2 minutes), 99th Rod Payne 48:31, 110th Mike Hallett 49:15, 117th Emma Ray 50:03, 128th Richard Keatley 52:21, 132nd Phillip Norden 51:47, 133rd Corrine Bright 52:03, 135th Eleanor Taylor 42:34, 143rd Barbara Crowe 53:32, 144th Eamon Crowe 53:33, 149th Sharon Sharples 53:55 (2nd Vet 50-54), 160th Cathleen Pilton 57:22 (3rd Vet 50-54), 166th Andy Distin 59:12, 167th Tamsin Cook 59:24, 173rd Teresa Holmes 59:53 ( 2nd Vet 60+), 185th Louise Stokes 1:07:50. Mandy Wheeler, Sarah Pike and Kathryn Steemson also won the ladies team competition, as did Jamie Barnett, Gary Smart & Ewan Walton in the men’s team event. Another very successful race with plenty of silverware won.

Congratulations to everyone involved this weekend, either competing or helping out at the Heller or both. You should all feel very proud of yourselves.

ladies at chuds.jpg Ladies at Chudleigh