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Tough off-road events, and a milestone 10K time for one Trotter

the crossing start.jpg Sharon, Paul Sharples Snr and Jnr before The Crossing

On Saturday 23rd July, three Trotters took on the inaugurual Pure Trail Running event called The Crossing.

Paul Sharples Snr, Paul Sharples Jnr and Sharon Bowman took part in the 34-mile off-road race, where runners travel from Belstone to South Brent via places such as Oke Tor, Hangingstone Hill, Postbridge, Bellavor Tor and Princetown to name a few.  The weather was humid with strong sun in places, and with no shelter made conditions very tough.  The course was well marked, and had several feed and water stations.

The terrain was very unpredictable, tough going and unforgiving.  Paul Sharples Jnr did 7.06:35, whilst Paul Sharples Snr and Sharon Bowman finished in 9:47:51.  For Paul Sharples Jnr and Sharon Bowman, this was the furthest they’ve ever ran, and Sharon would say herself that she is not a massive fan of offroad running!

the crossing finish.jpg Sharon, Paul Sharples Snr and Jnr after The Crossing

On the same day, there was also The Great Escape, which Eleanor Taylor and Gavin Forbes took part in.  This was a Half Marathon distance and they managed 2:37:55 and 2:15:36 respectively.


On Thursday 21st July, Louise Gentry, Ewan Walton, Jim Donovan and Graydon Widdicombe travelled to the Kingsbridge 10K, which is part of the town’s annual Fair Week.  With a 7:30pm start, conditions weren’t too hot but the course is a challenging and hilly one.

The route takes runners out of the town centre and immediately up a steep hill, and then continues onto country lanes with a couple more hills thrown in for good measure.  There is some respite at around half way, where the course levels out for about 1 mile so runners can get into their rhythm, before the course undulates back down to the finish.

Trotters did well on the well-supported and organised event, with Ewan Walton leading them home for third overall (and third male) in a time of 41:07. Other times were: Graydon Widdicombe (28, 47:46), Louise Gentry (34, 48:43), Jim Donovan (59, 53:14). 137 runners completed the race.


On Wednesday 20th July, five Trotters took part in the Exeter 10K.  On what is known as a fast course, but in windy conditions, Jamie Barnett managed to go under 36-minutes for the first time, which is something he has been trying to do for a little while.  Jamie’s finishing time was 35:48 for tenth place overall, which is a fantastic result in a high quality field.  Other Trotters results were Craig Churchill (44:38, 90), Hannah Jones (48:56, 133), David Taylor (50:40, 155) and Tracey Jolly (65:59, 306).  360 runners completed the event. 


Thanks for the contribution from Sharon Bowman.

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