Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

Reserve List

In 2019 twenty seven runners were successful in obtaining a race number through the reserve list.

If you want to be added to the reserve list, please email the Race Director, Roger Hayes, chairmanrog@icloud.com with a contact tel no and email address.

If you have a race number and wish to withdraw from the race please click here to find out the procedure to try and pass on your number.

The cost to enter the DD was £45 or £43 ARC/EA affiliated.

Tuesday 2nd June is the last day for all number transfers - no exceptions!

1      Kris JonesSuccessful transfer               
2Kim NicholsSuccessful transfer
3Lee HerbertSuccessful transfer
4Anthea BoardSuccessful transfer
5Naomi Bennettnaomi@bournerunners.com07956 444997
6Paul Hodgsonpaulie_1978@yahoo.co.uk07768 465921
7Richard LewisRlewis7@sky.com07736 677149
8Elizabeth Dysonerraticcyclist@hotmail.com07906 234473
9Frances Morgancakespiecefarm@btinternet.com07974 808420
10Matt Loughrey-Robinsonrip.curl@btinternet.ocm
07812 372563
11Mark Glewmarkglew@yahoo.co.uk07930 947489
12Tanya Gaulttansaj@mail.com07771 526688
13Katy VincentKaty.vincent@live.co.uk07854 901653
14Simon Singletonsimonsingleton@live.co.uk07879 589236
15Andrew Saundersajsaunders98@yahoo.com07578 187182
16Summer Runnersummerrunner2019@outlook.com07944 288634
17David Powelldavidpowell4@hotmail.com07809 615796
18Kevan Jeanskevanjeans@icloud.com07801 753360
19Karl O'BrienKarlob101@gmail.com07780 007283
20Peter Bazley07765 818039
21Tracy Colesteamcole@aol.com07791 039876
22Laura Hoganlaura.hogan@live.co.uk07455 934230
23Matt RichardsMattRichards7@hotmail.co.uk07780 666341
24Jason Bennettsilverspoonbennett@gmail.com07754 147049
25Hedley HumphreyHedleyh@hotmail.co.uk07540 069342
26Andy Collinsandyimer49@gmail.com07546 800239
27Jon Bannerjonsbanner@yahoo.co.uk07949 897871
28Hilary Kennedyhrkbusiness@yahoo.co.uk07904 664238
29Rob Popealpineclean@btinternet.com07774 950205
30Ian Rowlandsian_rowlands@msn.com07817 771451
31Jane Stedmanstedmanpenney@btinternet.com07800 516331
32Michal Lesniakmichallesniak078@gmail.com
07535 659983
33Agta Obidowiczmichallesniak078@gmail.com07535 659983
34Kelly BrumheadKelly@teamtherapy.co.uk07525 054133
35Lisa Lewyllewy@pca.ac.uk07540 116911
36Milan Gocmilangoc1@gmail.com07799 306809
37Phillip Howellsphilliphuk20@hotmail.com07802 260906
38Mark LynchMarklynch1716@outlook.com07712 271417
39Damien Ellisdamienellis@gmail.com07787 157651
40Paddy Trinderpaddytrinder@hotmail.com07751 458530
41Daniel Hawkriggdanhawkrigg@hotmail.co.uk07966 925047
42Chris Reahchrisreah@hotmail.com07974 318740
43Maria Wadeycandmwadey@hotmail.com07855 791091
44Chris Wadeycandmwadey@hotmail.com07812 188379
45Tracey Lloydlloydtrace@gmail.com07712 355041
46Wayne Wensleysway7876@hotmail.com07843 529924
47Nicola Kellynickihunt_22@hotmail.com07944 092594
img_3324.jpg Steve 'The Godfather' Edwards presenting Di Roy with her trophy in 2014
finish line.jpg Crossing the finish line with a smile on your face!