Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

Reserve List

In 2021 seventy one runners were successful in obtaining a race number through the reserve list. 

If you want to be added to the reserve list, below, (and accept that your details will be listed), please email the Race Director, Liz Barnett, secretary@teignbridgetrotters.co.uk with a contact telephone number and email address.

If you have a race number and wish to withdraw from the race please click here to find out the procedure to try and pass on your number.

The cost to enter the DD was £45 or £43 ARC/EA affiliated.

Wednesday 1st June is the last day for all number transfers - no exceptions!

Reserve list last updated 17 May 2022 (20:54)

1      Neil RutleySuccessful transfer 
2.Paola De LucaSuccessful transfer
3.Matt Loughrey-RobinsonSuccessful transfer
4.Helen BaronSuccessful transfer
5.Emma AleeSuccessful transfer
6.Christian RobinsonSuccessful transfer
7.David KilgoreSuccessful transfer
8.Karen TurtonSuccessful transfer
9.Roger VoadenSuccessful transfer
10.Dave UrwinSuccessful transfer
11.Matt RichardsSuccessful transfer
12.Damien LaneSuccessful transfer
13.David McCarthySuccessful transfer
14.David JonesSuccessful transfer
15.Colin PalmerSuccessful transfer
16.Kelvin CokerSuccessful transfer
17.Claire BrittanSuccessful transfer
18.Jenny FordSuccessful transfer
19.Samuel KilpatrickSuccessful transfer
20.Phil SmithSuccessful transfer
21.Derrick WarrenSuccessful transfer
22.Stu WilkieSuccessful transfer
23.Rob FaulknerSuccessful transfer
24.Richard PrattSuccessful transfer
25.Mike GreerSuccessful transfer
26.Ryan SnellSuccessful transfer
27.Kelly ThomasSuccessful transfer
28.David NobleSuccessful transfer
29.Stuart MedhurstSuccessful transfer
30.Ben StoneSuccessful transfer
31.Scott HunterSuccessful transfer
32.Steve BrannaganSuccessful transfer
33.Nigel MarshallSuccessful transfer
34.Debbie MarshallSuccessful transfer
35.Louise LewryPending
36.Rob CollierPending
37.Lance MasonSuccessful transfer
38.Guy Shepherdguyshepherd@hotmail.co.uk07709 349581
img_3324.jpg Steve 'The Godfather' Edwards presenting Di Roy with her trophy in 2014
finish line.jpg Crossing the finish line with a smile on your face!
dsc_0972.jpg Bones; a welcome sight with a mile to go!