Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

Teignbridge Trotters latest members

October new members

Charles Bowerman, 24, from Teignmouth. Charles always enjoyed cross country at school and got properly into running last year thanks to introduction from Skins. Looking to get to doing a decent 10k in the coming months

Melanie Saunders, 54. from Totnes. Melanie is the wife of James who joined us in August. Melanie is totally new to running and looking forward to the challenge

Chris Vinall, 46, from Kingsteignton. Chris has run two New York Marathons in 2014 and 2015 and a number of Half Marathons including Dartmoor Vale, Plymouth, Bodmin and Bath. Stopped due to injury about a year ago and has recently returned to the fold. Looking to get back to running Half and Full Marathons in the near future with our help.

September new members

Andrew Fox, 44, from Torquay. Andy is the Golf Professional at Bovey Tracey and has been giving Wattsa Golf lessons in return for some running tuition. Sounds a fair swap. Andy has jumped straight into the sessions and is easily holding his own.

Gary Brooking, 44, from Newton Abbot. Gary has been coming for a few weeks and has now joined before he goes on his next few weeks away in the forces. At least he can keep up with the news that way of what everyone else is getting up to. Gary has been a regular in the social run groups

Simon Baker, 30, from Newton Abbot. Simon is a fitness instructor and runs local Boxercise classes (highly recommended) among other things. Simon ran the Torbay Half this year and has a target of a sub 40 minute 10k. With his natural fitness I am sure this will come before long.

Al West, 31, from Kingsteignton. Al has done a couple of Half Marathons in the past in Sheffied and Reading but none since 2010. Al does not have much of a long distance background and ran as a sprinter for Sheffield and Warwick Universities. A raft of injuries put pay to Al's sprinting career.  Al has joined us primarily to get fit and meet more people in the area but may consider upping the distance if it goes well.

Susanna Goffe, 26, from Bishopsteignton. Susanna has recently moved to Bishopsteignton and is looking forward to running in the Countryside with including the hills. Susanna is running the Berlin Marathon this year and has a particular liking for running on trails and off road.

Emma Boobyer, 39, from Teignmouth. Emma is returning to the Trotters after several years away primarily to take advantage of the restarting of the Teignmouth Friday club.

August new members

Shani Adams, 49, from Teigngrace. Shani started running in her late twenties and she has run two marathons and three Grizzlies. She particularly likes off road running and on Dartmoor. While her main sports are now Kayaking and cycling she has taken up the challenge of doing the DD with a friend hence wanting to join us

Peter Adams, 52, of Teigngrace. Husband to Shani, Peter started running when the Parke, Park Run started and has now done close to 100. He has also done the Heller twice as well as a few other 5/6 mile events. In his own words "doesnt particularly enjoy running but knows it is good for him" and his main activity is cycling doing up to 200 miles a week.

James Saunders, 55, from Totnes. James has been running since July 2016 and completed his first 10K at Torbay in August last year. James has the drive to improve and feels the need for some proper speed training. Has since done another 5 10K events and a number of Park Runs. Is looking forward to being part of a team and meeting new runners and of course the social events. James also likes the thought of helping out at our races. His aim is to crack 40 minutes for 10K

AJ de Montjoie, 50, from Teignmouth. AJ says she has run for some years but only for fun and that the Totnes 10k was her first proper race, having only done a few Park Runs previously. She loved the 10k and decided she needed to learn to run with others and to get stronger. Her 2017 aim is to complete the Great West Run. AJ has decided she likes running in mud and is really looking forward to being part of the Trotters team.

July new members

Bon Rymel, 33, from Ashburton. Bon only recently took up running and cycling and ran the Torbay Half Marathon in 1 hour 58 minutes. He has now entered a further three half marathons, Bridgwater, Bristol and The Great West Run. He is then aiming to advance to a full marathon in 2018. Bon is looking to improve his fitness and his style with the Trotters.

Alex Cazan, 31, from Torquay. Alex has played Water Polo for 11 years and has always tried to keep fit. He says he likes to ride his bike on downhill tracks and running and swimming. His goal for 2017 is to run his first Marathon.

Annika Longthorpe, 41, from Torquay. Annika has been brought to the Trotters by Tracey Jolly. Annika only started running three years ago and already thinks of herself as an Ultra Runner. In 2016 she was First Lady and second overall in the City 2 Sea Ultra 55 miles. She has also done the Race to the Stones Ultra over 63 miles finishing 4th in her age group and 79th overall out of 1000 entries. At a lower level she has done local races including Plymouth Half, Torbay Half and a number of our own races. She has an entry for this years Sturminster Half and City 2 Sea 34 miles Ultra.

Chris McIntosh, 61, from Kingsbridge. Chris has quite an impressive running CV and has been running Marathons almost every year since 1980. Chris has also done the Marathon des Sables twice and a number of other Ultras. Chris recently spent 15 months working in Australia where he did the Broome Marathon on Cable Beach and the Six Inch Trail Marathon twice. Back in the UK Chris has done three of the Endurance Life Coastal Trail Marathons. Chris is currently training for a 90km event in Sweden in August and is September will be doing the Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland for the 21st time. Chris has never previously been a member of a running club in the UK and is looking forward to being a Trotter.

Henry Hart, 20, from Newton Abbot. Henry has returned to us after a period away having run the Haytor Heller at the weekend. Henry looks likely to be with us for a number of weeks until he travels away again

Rachel Duncan, 20, from Exeter. Rachel says she enjoys the social side of running and running in general. Rachel has a place in the Bristol Half Marathon later in the year and she is looking to improve and have fun. Think we can help with both of those.

Ruth Maker, 44, from Ogwell. Ruth used to do a lot of running until she had her son and she never got back into it. She has now taken the plunge and joined as a beginner and build up again

Gareth Yoxall, 40, from Kingsteignton. Gareth has been a keen runner for the last 4 years and has also done a lot of road cycling. Gareth is still learning as he goes with regards to training and his potential. He has run a few 10k events and last year ran the Great West Run in 1hr 43min. Gareth rates the Half Marathon as the perfect distance and has not yet been tempted by a full marathon. He is looking forward to improving his running with the club.

bon rymel.jpg Bon Rymel is aiming to do his marathon in 2018.
chris macentosh.jpg Chris McIntosh back in the UK after 15 months working in Australia.
elise-korman.jpg Elise Korman is looking forward to her first ever race in October.