Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

Code of Conduct

  1. Ensure that you arrive at the club in enough time to hear any announcements as these may be relative to your chosen session.
  2. Choose a session appropriate to your ability and training requirement. If in doubt speak to a coach or leader.
  3. Ensure that you are medically fit to take part in the session. If a member has an illness or injury then this is to be brought to the attention of the coach/leader. Your coach/leader may at his or her discretion advise a member not to train or in exceptional circumstances refuse to allow a member to train.
  4. Wear clothing appropriate to the prevailing weather conditions. This applies equally to hot and cold conditions.
  5. No personal audio equipment (MP3 player, iPod, etc.) is allowed at training sessions.
  6. Wear suitable footwear at all times.
  7. Wear Hi Visibility bibs when deemed compulsory by the Club. At other times bibs are to be worn if considered to be appropriate due to weather conditions.
  8. Your coach or leader may, at his/her discretion, refuse to allow you to train if your attire is considered to be unsafe or unsuitable.
  9. Listen carefully at all times to the instructions of your coach/leader and comply with all instructions given. Pay particular attention to safety instructions.
  10. Due to large numbers wishing to partake in a session it may, for safety reasons, be necessary to split the group and/or either amend or adapt the session. Please be patient if this affects your group as this action is being taken for your own welfare.
  11. Conversely there may be times when a session will need to be cancelled due to a lack of interest. This will be rare but again please try to understand why this needs to be done.
  12. All members are to be responsible for their own safety at all times. Pay particular attention when on the public highway and when crossing roads. Be increasingly vigilant when you are out with a large group. Your safety and welfare is not the coach’s responsibility.
  13. Always remain with your group. If you wish to leave the group before the session is completed, or make your own way home, ensure that you notify the coach/leader that you are leaving the group.
  14. Enjoy the session but do not engage in horse play as this may impact on your own safety and that of the rest of the group and could damage the reputation of the Club.
  15. Any failure to follow the instructions of the coach/leader may result in the immediate cancellation of the session. The coach or leader’s decision will be final.
  16. A member causing disruption to the group or acting in a manner likely to cause an accident or injury will be asked to leave the group and that person will be reported to the general committee for any further action against him/her that may be deemed appropriate and in accordance with the Club’s constitution.
  17. All our coaches and leaders are unpaid volunteers and give up their time freely to help out at the club. They are all human beings and may, from time to time, get things not quite right; however they always act in the best interests of the club and are trained to put the safety of the runners first. All club members should be mindful of this and that it is not acceptable to openly criticize any coach or leader, during a session or run, in an inappropriate or disrespectful manner. If any group member has any issues, then they should quietly raise the matter with the coach or leader, at the time, in a professional and respectful manner. We will not tolerate any instances of criticism being given in a disrespectful or aggressive way, or for the use of inappropriate language or attitude.