Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

Meet the Coaches

Ian Langler ~ Coach Coordinator (L2)

Ian joined the Trotters in 2002 and became a coach in 2004  He took on the role of Coach Coordinator in December 2021, the second time he has held the position.

The Trotters are fortunate to have an experienced, dedicated group of coaches, whose main aim is to provide structured training for our members, catering from complete beginners right through to the more experienced runner.

Our coaches are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and to offer advice whenever needed.

Ian was elected Coach Coordinator in December 2021. 

LIRF is a leader in running fitness qualification

CIRF is a coach in running fitness qualification

All our coaches and leaders have a valid DBS certificate

For all coaching enquiries please email Ian; coachcoordinator@teignbridgetrotters.co.uk

Wendy Goldthorp ~ LIRF

Wendy joined the Trotters in 2016 and became a coach in ?

Jacki Woon ~ LIRF

Jacki joined the Trotters in 2011 and became a coach in 2014. Jacki has won coach of the year twice!

Derek Skinner ~ LIRF

Derek joined the Trotters in 2013 and became a coach in 2017

Alan Boone ~ LIRF

Alan joined the Trotters in 2009 and became a coach in ?

Clare Youngman ~ Level 2

Clare joined the Trotters in 2001 and became a level 2 coach in 2009.

Mel Sheehan ~ LIRF

Mel joined the Trotters in 2011 and became a coach in 2014.

Ewan Walton ~

Ewan joined the Trotters in 2003 and became a coach in ?

Lance Mason ~ LIRF

Lance (AKA Skippy) joined the Trotters in ? and became a coach in ?

Eleanor Taylor ~ Level 2

Eleanor joined the Trotters in 2004 and has been a level 2 coach since 2008.

Helen Anthony ~ LIRF

Helen (AKA Zippy) joined the Trotters in 2007 and became a coach in 2014

We also have large number of committee approved 'Leaders'. These are members of the club who can lead a social run. They are;

Keith Anderson, Bruce Campbell, Roger Hayes, Marie Farrelly, Kevin Besford, Jamie Barnett, Tamsin Cook, Wilf Taylor, Deb Hart, Sarah Frost, Phil Norden, Sue Brown, John Skinner, Allen Taylor, Corinne Bright, Rod Payne, Debbie Elphick, Ben Elphick, Tim Pratt, Stuart Moulson, Caroline Clark and Lucy Evans.