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Club Championship 2023

The races for the 2023 edition of the Club Championship are now available!!

We really hope that the competition is a great success, as there is good mix of old favourites together with new races.

The rules for 2023 are the same as that as for 2022. In summary:

- there is a mens and ladies competition, and the Club Championship is based on Age Grading. For each race, 50 points will be awarded to the runner with the highest Age Grading, 49 to the next highest, and so on.
- there are 5 race categories, with each category containing 4 races (so there are 20 races to choose from throughout the year).
- a runner has to complete at least one race in each category.
- a runner has to complete at least 8 races. If a runner completes more than 8 races (and has done at least one race in each category) the best scoring races will count.

As usual, please make sure you are listed in the race results as a Teignbridge Trotter in order for your result to qualify for the Club Championship. If you are not, please contact the RD to try and get the results updated, and also let me know.

The Trotters Race Diary will be updated to show the races that are in the Club Championships and when entry information is available, it will be added there.

Good luck, everyone.

Deb Hart, Club Championship Secretary

2023 Club Championship Rules, Races and Current Standings

For all enquiries please contact the Club Championship Secretary, Deb Hart; clubchampionship@teignbridgetrotters.co.uk


If your name is missing from the results from any club championship race please let the race RD and Deb know ASAP.

Previous years results

Previous years results