Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

The philosophy behind our Wednesday sessions

Warm up: These sessions are designed for all abilities and to be all inclusive. All of the coaches will ensure that the sessions cater for your different abilities. All of our sessions are started with an appropriate warm up. The coach or leader will, if necessary, lead you to the venue of the session. This warm up run will be done at the pace of the slowest runner. Once at the venue the coach leader will be responsible for any drills, stretches, briefing and instructions on the session you're about to do. Please listen carefully to them and remember that they are in charge. 

Endurance Training Session / Marathon Training

These sessions are designed to build your endurance and stamina for the difficulties of running both the classic marathon and half marathon distances. During these sessions you will be coached to run more efficiently. This training also includes a series of sessions to improve your lactate threshold (this will allow you to run at a faster pace for a longer period of time).

Speed Training Session / 10k Training

These sessions are designed to activate your fast twitch fibres and allow you to run at a faster pace for a greater time period. The recoveries during these sessions are generally longer to allow you to run faster during the efforts and improve your form and style.

Mixed Training Sessions

These sessions are a mixture of hill training and efficient running training.The hill training will concentrate on improving your form and endurance for running up hill. We live in a very hilly area and so neglect this training at your peril. The efficient running training will look at all the aspects of running technique. Also included are our 1 and 2 mile time-trial sessions. (This will allow you to see your improvement over time)

Improvers Group/Social run

These sessions are designed for runners who have run in the Beginners Group or Intermediate Group/Social Run on Monday and are in need to be pushed a little harder. The social run aspect is ONLY for runners who don't feel able to take part in one of the interval sessions or the challenging 7-8 mile group who run at pace.

7-8 Mile Group

These sessions are mainly designed for runners who want a challenging midweek run (the pace will be roughly 7.30 - 8.15 min/mile). Every fourth week there will be a 5/6 mile social run as well.