Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

Current Club Records

Club Kit must be worn to set a new club record. 

As from the 8th May 2017 club records can only be set at races that are permitted and hold a valid course accuracy certificate.


JuniorJamie Barnett33:42Fast Friday, Exeter 2018
SeniorJamie Barnett32.37Speedway 10K 2019
Over 40Dave Tomlin34:13First Chance, Exeter 2013
Over 45Garry Smart35:51Exeter Arena 2012
Over 50Mike Eveleigh36:09Exmouth 2005
Over 55Mike Eveleigh37:30Exmouth 2007
Over 60Dave Foster39:05Paignton 1994
Over 65Dave Foster44:35Brixham 1998
Over 70Bob Small48:02Brighton 2018
Over 75Graeme Baker52.57First Chance 2017


JuniorMolly Canham37:50Ladies 10k 2019
SeniorNicola Fox40:03Paignton 1994
Over 35Helen Anthony37:40First Chance 2016
Over 40Linda West39:39Exeter 1991
Over 45Mandy Wheeler41:22Fast Friday Exeter 2018
Over 50Jacki Woon43:42Fast Friday Exeter 2018
Over 55Jacki Woon43.49Fast Friday Exeter 2019
Over 60Lucy Payne53:15First Chance 2016
Over 65Lucy Payne            54.02First Chance 2017
Over 70Jose Waller54:05Exmouth 1996
Over 75Jose Waller54:45Blackpool 1997


JuniorJamie Barnett55.12Bideford, 2017
SeniorDave Tomlin55:56Lordshill 2001
Over 40Dave Tomlin56:20Plymouth Hoe 2013
Over 45Mike Eveleigh57:45Teignbridge 2000
Over 50Mike Eveleigh1:00:14Plymouth Hoe 2005
Over 55Mike Eveleigh1:00:37Teignbridge 2007
Over 60Dave Foster1:05:00Plymouth Hoe 1995
Over 65Bryan Hayes1:13:53Plymouth Hoe 2008
Over 70Bob Small1:17:47Bideford 2019 
Over 75Graeme Baker
1:25:11Bideford 2016


JuniorMaeve Henderson1:20:27Deviock Bounder 2006
SeniorStephanie Ross1:06:00Guy Fawkes 1995
Over 35Helen Anthony1:04:14Granite Way 2015
Over 40Linda West1:03:39Culm Valley 1991
Over 45Mandy Wheeler1:06:56Great South Run 2018
Over 50Jacki Woon1:15:33Granite Way 2015
Over 55Jacki Woon                  1:12:34

Great South Run 2018

Over 60Lucy Payne1:31:01Wimborne 2015 
Over 65Lucy Payne1:30:45Bideford 2017
Over 70Jose Waller1:28:04Guy Fawkes 1993


JuniorJamie Barnett1:11.30Cardiff 2017
SeniorJamie Barnett1:09:49Taunton 2019
Over 40Dave Tomlin1:14:22Bideford 2013
Over 45Garry Smart1:19:21Taunton 2012
Over 50Garry Smart1:19:24Bristol 2014
Over 55Mike Eveleigh1:23:07Dartmoor Vale 2006
Over 60Mike Eveleigh1:27:51Torbay 2012
Over 65Dave Foster1:34:13Exeter 1999
Over 70Bob Small1:43:56Bideford 2020
Over 75Graeme Baker2;03.03Bideford 2017


JuniorAnnabelle Evans1:39:30Cardiff University 2017
SeniorStephanie Ross1:28:26Torbay 1995
Over 35Helen Anthony1:24:21Bideford 2015
Over 40Helen Anthony1:26:38Burnham On Sea 2018
Over 45Mandy Wheeler1:30:48Yeovil 2018
Over 50Jacki Woon1:35:59Cardiff 2016
Over 55Jacki Woon1:37:51Torbay 2019
Over 60Lucy Payne1:56:05Gosport 2011
Over 65Lucy Payne2:00:32Torbay 2019
Over 70Jose Waller1:53:20Seaton 1994


JuniorJamie Barnett2:40:24Frankfurt 2018
SeniorJamie Barnett2:30:41London 2019
Over 40Daryl Milford2:50:30London 2014
Over 45Garry Smart2:50:53London 2013
Over 50Garry Smart2:50:34Abingdon 2014
Over 55Garry Smart3:05:16North Dorset 2019
Over 60Wilf Taylor3:19:39North Dorset Village 2012
Over 65Peter Kirby3:39:43Yorkshire 2014
Over 70Peter Kirby3:57:34London 2019
Over 75Graeme Baker5:02:43London 2016


JuniorSiobhan Besford4:19:26London 2008
SeniorMel Sheehan3:16:50London 2019
Over 35Helen Anthony2:59:01London 2016
Over 40Helen Anthony3:00:00Valencia 2018
Over 45Mandy Wheeler3:14:39Valencia 2018
Over 50Jacki Woon3:35:11North Dorset Village 2014
Over 55Jacki Woon3:35:28Yeovil 2018
Over 60Lucy Payne4:12:53London 2013
Over 65Lucy Payne                    4:23:15Dublin 2016
Over 70Jose Waller3:49:02London 1993
Over 75Jose Waller4:21:40Gosport 1997
Over 80Jose Waller6:57:45London 2004
lucy.jpg Lucy Payne has got the full set of FV60 records
pete.jpg Pete Kirby, MV65 marathon record holder
jacki.jpg Jacki Woon, still setting records
mike e.jpg Mike Eveleigh, holder of no less than seven club records
stef.jpg Stef Ross, holder of numerous club records
dsc_0271_0264dd 2014.jpg Garry Smart, holder of six club records