Teignbridge Trotters Running Club
Newton Abbot, Devon
Established 1982
Born to Run

A fabulous weekend of running - relays, off-roaders and a popular 12-hour event

On Friday 7th July, Trotters travelled to Ivybridge to take part in the ever-popular Erme Valley Relays.  Superbly organised by Erme Valley Harriers, 13 teams of four runners from the Trotters started the race, with a fantastic 121 teams overall completing the course.

The course itself is a challenging 2.5-mile loop, which takes runners down a steep incline, before undulating back up to the finish at Ivybridge Rugby Club.  It’s a tough little course as runners can hear - but not yet see - the crowds at the finish area as they run up the last climb, knowing they have still have to muster up the last remaining strands of energy for the sprint finish in front of the spectators.

Trotters results were:

Senior Men, 10th, 56:22 - Jamie Barnett 14:07, Tim Pratt 14:05, Ewan Walton 14:29, Ben Mukherjee 13:41.

Senior Men, 16th, 60:57 – Peter Heckles 14:08, Adam Johnston 14:06, Craig Churchill 16:38, Travis Wood 16:05.

Under 18 Men, 29th – Josh Taylor 15:08, Lewis Antony 15:25, Ben Lyons 17:31, Adam Smart 16:18.

MV50, 35th, 66:16 – Garry Smart 13:59, Roger Hales 16:53, Gary Watson 17:48, Derek Skinner 17:36

MV40, 44th, 67:53 – Jason Lewis 16:25, Craig Hobson 16:46, Graydon Widdicombe 17:30, Nigel Barnett 17:26

MV40, 58th, 71:08 – Dermott Smyth 18:25, Tim Hassell 16:32, Chris Broadbent 15:21, Stuart Moulson 20:50.

ladies erme.jpg Ladies at Erme Valley Relays -

FV35, 70th, 73:35 – Hannah Jones 18:05, Jackie Woon 17:34, Lucy Evans 19:53, Wendy Goldthorp 18:03.  MV40, 87th, 78:51 – Richard Stephenson 20:25, Jimmy Donovan 18:10, Neil Rutley 17:35, Kevin Besford 22:41.  Senior Female, 91st, 80:18 – Sue Tremlett 21:00, Sharon Bowman 21:20, Lottie Woods 18:55, Kim Knight 19:03.  MV60, 102nd, 83:31 – Tim Hartley 22:46, Rod Payne 23:17, Keith Anderson 20:03, Paul Sharples 17:25.  Senior Female, 108th, 87:40 – Emma Ray 20:58, Rebecca Harvey 20:45, Margaret Butt 24:44, Emma Donovan 21:13.  FV45, 112th, 93:41 – Kay O’Flaherty 24:24, Teresa Homes 25:42, Lucy Payne 21:46, Eleanor Taylor 21:49.  There was a DNF for a team containing Tom Besford (17:59), Darren Petch (25:09) and Ben Rymer (18:53).


A merry band of 13 Trotters headed out of Devon to the beautiful Dorset countryside and compete in the 12-hour Cider Frolic run by the White Star Running crew.

On a blisteringly hot day everyone headed to the start fuelled by the rather strong cider pressed on the farm itself from the night before in the Trotters camp.

The objective of the event was to do as many 3.9-mile laps as you wanted, with the option to take a break in between if needed. The eventual winner managed a mind boggling 19 laps (approx 71 miles) which, considering the heat, was an incredible feat.

Most of the Trotters managed to complete ultra marathon or marathon distances over the undulating off road course through fields of wheat and up farm tracks and via the disco themed live station offering vodka shots, a dance, wet hugs and, of course, cider. Particular kudos goes out to Tracey Jolly who completed her first ever marathon distance and Donna Walker who managed 31 miles despite no training for months.

After the heat of the day the Trotters partied into the early hours joined by the Barnetts who came to support.

cider frolic.jpg Cider Frolickers
daryl.jpg Daryl Hall on the Cider Frolic

In the race, Lance Mason got the fifth fastest lap of the race, with a 31:26. Individual results were: Allen Taylor (7-laps, 4:41:20), Alan Boone (8-laps, 5:58:29), Oli Prouse (8-laps, 7:23:49), Donna Walker (8-laps, 8:43:42), Lance Mason (7-laps, 4:41:22), Sally Ingledew (7-laps, 5:37:37), Lucy Evans (7-laps, 5:50:07), Daryl Hall (7-laps, 6:30:01), Suzie Mills (7-laps, 8:43:42).  Dermot Smyth, Alex Lyons and Mark Walker took part as a team (calling themselves "Designated Drinkers") and did four, four and two laps respectively.


Seven Trotters travelled to Tipton St John to take part in the Otter Rail and River 10K. In warm and humid conditions the course is 80% off road, and it runs along the Otter River through a wooded trail and back along fields to the start and finish area on the local playing fields.  With a well supporting crowed at the finish, this was the 50th anniversary of the Tipton summer fair so in keeping with this, the event had Radio 2’s and Egghead Jeremy Vine giving the prizes out (which on this occasion didn’t come the way of any Trotters).  At the finish there was a free beer courtesy of Otter Brewery, which made the hot 10K well worth it.

Trotter results were: Julian Scanes (17, 44:20), Derek Skinner (31, 47:42), Gary Watson (40, 49:11), Jo Randall (47, 50:26), Sarah Pike (48, 50:28), Tina Caunter (137, 1:03:14), Eleanor Taylor (147, 1:05:01). There were 184 finishers.


otter 10k.jpg Otter Rail and River 10K

On Saturday 8th July, on a warm evening event from a school on the outskirts of Plymouth, the Muddyduck 10K is a labyrinth of cyclepath, footpath, woods and parks; a figure of 8 route, with the odd street of houses thrown in. Additionally, with two water dips it is well marshalled with around 200 competitors, and starts and finishes on a playing field. The course has lots of ups and downs, and twists and turns, and runners have to pay attention otherwise they will go wrong.

The Trotters had a decent showing of beauty and experience, as the photo illustrates.

Garry Smart led the Trotters in, 4th place with gazelle like speed down the finishing straight, and no one would have known that he had taken part in the relays the night before. By all accounts, Garry picked off Roger Easterbrook with ease, supported by Tim Pratt shouting his head off like a crazed banshee in the crowd.

So, a great race, but sadly race results weren’t available at the time of writing. Trotters who took part are: Kathyrn Steemson, Eleanor Taylor, Sharon Bowman, Ruth Johnson, Gary Watson, Paul Sharples, Garry Smart, Peter Hayward, Roger Easterbrook, Craig Churchill and Jimmy Donovan.


Thanks for the contributions from Derek, Mark, Lucy and Roger.

muddy duck.jpg Muddy-duckers