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womble run 2018.jpg Womble Run 2018

On Sunday 2nd September, three of our Trotters took on the Bridgwater Half Marathon. On what was described as a warm and muggy day, our boys did themselves proud amongst the field of 327 finishers. The route consisted of a large loop that began at about 3 miles in and then a small out and back  around the 10 mile stage.
Full results - Jamie Barnett 01:18:12 (6th), Pete Kirby 01:49:12 (112th) and Bon Rymel 01:54:40 (139th).


On what was a beautiful Sunday morning over 30 Trotters, families and dogs took part in the inaugural 'Womble Run'.

In an effort to improve the areas we run in it was decided to organise a run combined with a litter pick. We expected to find a bit of rubbish but in less than an hour we filled two large cars with rubbish disposed off on the side of the roads, in hedgerows and in what should be green areas.

It is very sad that we found so much but hopefully our little run has made a little nicer for the residents which we share Newton Abbot with.


Pete Blakesley took part in the Swindon Half Marathon today. The largely flat route took runners past the various highlights that the town has to offer - including the Magic Roundabout, the County Ground and the McArther Glenn Outlet Village amongst others. Peter was the only Trotter running in this popular event and finished in a fantastic time of 01:43:11. Finishing 318th out of 1911 runners. 


12 marathons 12 months, was the challenge set by Suzie Mills for 2018 to raise the awareness of The 401 Foundation, along with raising money for this fantastic cause. The mission of the 401 Foundation is to support small grass root projects and individuals who help build confidence and self esteem, tackle mental health and self development issues in their local communities. Suzie has been running for just over 3 and a half years, and completed her first Marathon with Ben Smith on the 401 challenge a year to the day after she took her first steps as a Teignbridge Trotter. Not just content with completing the challenge in 8.5 months, Suzie will be completing an additional 3 marathons this year to continue the fundraising efforts. Following one of the snowiest winters for years and then one of the warmest and sunniest summers has meant that this has been particularly challenging and tough but Suzie has not backed down from this challenge and at the height of the hot weather completed 3 marathons in 4 weeks.

Finishing marathon number 12 with a bang this weekend with possibly one of the toughest and most technical marathons run this year, Suzie had the support of fellow Trotters, Allen Taylor and Richard Keatley at the start. The Crafty Fox, which is a new addition to the White Star calendar, is a 2 lapped trip around the hills of Dorset, with the HQ in the village on Ansty. With Climbs of over 3700 feet this was always going to be challenging... coming in at just under 28 miles but made worth while by the spectacular views once you made your way to the top of the many hills!

Whilst it was a very significant race for our Suzie it was also a fantastic event for Allen who completed his 85th marathon in a fantastic time of 04:23:14 - finishing an incredible 5th out of 154 runners!

Full Results - Allen Taylor 04:23:14 (5th), Richard Keatley 07:02:23 (127th and Suzie "12in12" Mills 07:17:05 (139th)

peter blakesley swindon half 2018.jpg Peter Blakesley at the Swindon Half Marathon 2018
richard keatley suzie mills and allen taylor crafy fox 2018.jpg Richard Keatley, Suzie Mills & Allen Taylor take on the Crafty Fox 2018
12 in 12 medal.jpg Suzie's Amazing 12 Marathons in 12 Month Medal!

There are marathons and then there is the Marathon des Châteaux du Médoc.

Everything you’ve ever been discouraged to do while running (or possibly not thought about because you’re, well, sensible) - like drinking the finest of red wines, eating your ‘petit dejeuner’ en-route, trying oysters or local fromage - is what this event is all about.

The marathon du Médoc, now in its 34th year, is a legendary running event every September which attracts people from all over the world. The 26.2mile course winds a way through the Médoc countryside and its beautiful vineyards. Along the way participants can imbibe 23 different vintages at different châteaux and scoff various local specialities such as the aforementioned grub and ice cream. Delish.

It’s 8,500 coveted places are snapped up as soon as entry opens in the spring. With fancy dress billed as compulsory, it gives those taking part plenty of time to create outlandish outfits in keeping with the theme which for 2018 was ‘amusement park’. Iterations also include ‘circus’ or ‘fair’ although judging by many, a bit of journalistic licence was used to interpret the theme with Vikings with a longboat, superheroes and the odd uncomfortable looking mankini in the mix.

This year a gaggle of Trotters (ringmasters) decided to give it a go: Emma and Jim Donovan, Sally Ingledew, Lance Mason, Kim Bindon, Mark Wotton, Ruth Johnson and Sue Tremlett.

The packed start line had a surreal Mardi Gras carnival atmosphere with ringmasters mingling with fairground hook-a-ducks, human bumper cars, walking candy floss and mine artists. The shouty, whooping ‘Allez allez’ noise and friendly euphoric feeling was as intense as the 30 degree heat. We all looked at each other and said the same thing: “This is total madness.”

The strategy of sticking together proved tough in the melee and walking was a must to cope with the heat and quaff a few clarets. While the course was fairly flat, the baking sunshine made it a tough ask and everyone ran well within their usual limits to finish in one piece and without a raging hangover.

Emma - celebrating her 40th birthday on the day of the race got separated from her circus troupe of Trotters - although there was plenty of distractions along the way with orchestras and music at virtually every mile, vast amounts of food, plentiful water stations and face painting.

All Trotters finished the race within the allotted 6hr 30min time with Emma, by that stage sporting a fetching Great Fausto-style moustache, bringing the gang home in 6:12 and not long followed by her fellow ringmasters in 6:35.

Everyone was very happy to finish this bizarre, incredible, one-off event and were richly rewarded with a medal, t-shirt, a natty coolbag, an eco-friendly reusable cup (perfect for a cider or beer after all that grape juice), flowers and a posh bottle of wine vastly more expensive than our usual plonk. And not a banana or flyer for another race in sight. 

marathon des châteaux du médoc.jpeg Marathon des Châteaux du Médoc 2018